David S. Isaac, CPA

Strategic Integration

(David S. Isaac P.C. & Designing Success Inside, LLC are the creators of Strategic Integration)

Strategic Integration and Strategic Planning have similarities as well as major differences.  SI and SP both have sound business concepts including an analysis of the elements of excellent SP concepts (Vision, Mission, Key Success Factors, Objective / Goals and Action Plans).  The Planning and the analysis are the same with both SI and SP.   However the starting point for SI and SP are different.  SP starts with business concepts and business tools at the level of awareness the individual planners take into the planning process.  In other words, the individual will plan based on any unresolved fears, resistance, and self-imposed limitations they currently have within themselves.  They will base their future plans on their personal experience and reference points of past successes as well as memories of their non-successes without doing a “virus” scan to clear up limiting beliefs, unresolved fears and unwanted resistance.

Without this “clearing out” and “cleaning up” of the obstacles and unconscious blocks that have held them back from fully and completely realizing their goals, all new future plans will be “contaminated” with old patterns of behavior, limited thinking and un-resourceful beliefs that will limit their success. The question is do they have a rich, full and complete new set of  fresh understandings and insights in which to create a plan at a higher level of awareness?  Or are the individuals investing in their future based on the same psychological patterns that has created their life to this point?

It is the difference between trying to see the forest through the trees vs. seeing the forest from the top of the mountain.  From the top you can see the various paths, traps, threats, opportunities and possibilities.  Thus to get to the top of the Mountain, SI creates an environment in which to explore and transform one’s own self-imposed limitations, fears and resistance including any unconscious beliefs that might be holding you back from achieving your highest and best.  Beliefs such as fear of failure, fear of success, not feeling worthy of success, placing limits on how much success, money or wealth you can have, lack of motivation, issues of not having enough time or energy, self-esteem issues and many other issues that can limit what you see, what you do and how well you do it.  Beliefs direct your behavior and are the filters of what you think is possible and how you see yourself, others and the world.

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