David S. Isaac, CPA

IRS Audit / Collection Representation

Both the IRS and State tax authorities will select certain individuals, partnerships, corporations and other types of entities for audit during the year. It is important to have a representative help you as tax law is extremely complex. David S. Isaac P.C. has been representing various businesses and individuals in the area of government tax audits for over 25 years. Handling government tax audits requires not only a high level of knowledge in the area of tax law and compliance but alsostrong communication, writing and representation skills. Experience in handling government tax audits is extremely important. David S. Isaac, Founder of David S. Isaac P.C. was a former government tax auditor and thus is experienced in Audit and or Collection matters.

For various reasons (i.e. audits, slower cash flow, etc.) individuals and organizations might owe money to the IRS or State tax agency. If this is the case, we can help set up payments plans or advise you on other options that would address any collection issues you might have.

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